MARY BOONE BAR – We are back on December 1st 2018

Mary Boone is an art gallery owner and our Lounge Bar is how we imagine 'her bcn apartment'. It's a sophisticated contemporary space with fabulous art installations (painting, photography, sculpture and video art – the collection is growing). Our clientele are privileged guests in the private space of this very cultivated person.

We are seeking a clientele who appreciate beauty, art and music (jazzy cocktail sound and deep house, renowned national and international life DJs at least twice a week,), we will provide the perfect blend of efficient, friendly and service with a sense of humor and of course we serve a mean drink!

We all consider WHY do we want to go out when he can hangout in our own apartment in comfort and not fight to the bar or get drowned out by music? We believe we have found the answer. We have created a venue where you'll feel at home, feel alive and be excited you left your living room. We have tried to avoid the stiff atmosphere you find in many 5-Star places while keeping the service and the sophistication of the best venues: Prada or Zara we want you with us.

'Mary Boone' is a very personal place, our 'host-to-guests' ratio is very high and whether you're with a group or popped out on your own you're bound to end up with new friends.

No bad vibrations allowed, drinks are always served with a smile. Mary Boone is the perfect host!